Providing health and wellness programs for New York City youth.

What We Do

Health Action League empowers underserved New York City youth to live healthier lives. We do this by providing health and wellness classes in their community, including yoga, Zumba, boxing, boot camp, and healthy cooking classes.

How You Can Participate

Health Action League implements our health and wellness classes at New York City schools, non-profits, community centers, after-school programs, and summer camps.

If you would like Health Action League to implement health and wellness programs at your site, contact us today.

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Our Health and Wellness Activities

  • Yoga

    Regular yoga practice helps relieve stress, assists in weight reduction, and builds strength and flexibility. Our yoga instructors provide fun and challenging classes, and help students find peace, mental clarity, and confidence through their yoga practice. Health Action League provides...

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  • Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Classes

    A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity among young people. Health Action League nutritionists instruct and help students make their own healthy snacks and meals, such as fresh salsa, sweet corn salad...

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  • Zumba

    Zumba is an aerobic fitness program inspired by various styles of Latin American dance. It is an exciting full body workout that gets your body moving and heart pumping, and releases those mood-improving endorphins. Health Action League Zumba instructors teach...

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  • Boxing and Martial Arts

    Martial arts and boxing are forms of fitness that promote self-defense, mental and spiritual development, discipline and self-esteem. We ensure our classes are fun, but we push our students to remain focused and serious about their practice.

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  • Gardening

    Gardening gets people out in the fresh air and sunshine. Digging, planting, and weeding are great forms of low-impact exercise. Health Action League organizes gardening activities, either on your premise or at a local NYC community garden. We provide all...

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