Why Workplace Wellness?

Providing wellness classes at your worksite fosters and reinforces healthy behaviors, bringing benefits to the employer and employee.  Numerous studies show that creating a culture of health at a workplace leads to:

  • Fewer absences
  • Greater on-the-job-productivity
  • Improved worker satisfaction and retention
  • Less money spent on health insurance

Let Health Action League help your employees be physically fit and mindful of healthy eating. Health Action League instructors can come to your worksite and provide our yoga, Zumba, boxing, boot camp, and healthy cooking classes.

Why work with Health Action League?

Compensation for the classes will support our free health and wellness classes for underserved youth throughout NYC. For every wellness class you purchase, we can implement two classes free of charge for youth in need.

Not only will you be advancing the health and wellness of your employees and colleagues, but you will be directly supporting our mission to empower underserved NYC youth to live healthier lives. Pretty cool!

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