Our Mission, Goals, and Values

Health Action League’s mission is to empower underserved New York City youth to live healthier lives.

Youth in low-income New York City neighborhoods have limited access to organized sports, gyms, healthy food options, and other resources that promote health and wellness. As a result, young people in these neighborhoods have poorer health compared to their high-income peers. This is unfair and avoidable; a child’s health should not be determined by their zip code.

Health Action League works to improve the health of underserved youth by providing health and wellness classes at schools and youth programs in low-income areas of New York City, including yoga, Zumba, boxing, boot camp, and healthy cooking classes.

Health Action League is determined to provide fun opportunities for underserved NYC youth to be physically active and eat healthy. Our ultimate goal is to improve the physical and mental health of our students and better prepare them to continue a healthy lifestyle outside of the classroom.

Check out a video of our classes in action!

If you would like Health Action League to implement health and wellness classes at your school or program, contact us today.