Fun and Engaging Classes

Health Action League provides fun and healthy classes for the young people you serve. Professional and qualified Health Action League staff will visit your site and bring all the materials and equipment for the chosen activity.

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Our Curriculum 

Health Action League doesn't just implement a couple of classes. We develop and deliver an entire curriculum based on the New York State Standards in Health Education, as well as public health theories, research, and practices.

Health Action League’s curriculum promotes self-efficacy and confidence, so that our students feel empowered by our classes and in control of their health.

By helping the students realize they have made progress in the class, they are more likely to eat healthy and exercise outside the classroom. Health Action League strives to promote lasting healthy behaviors and attitudes among our students.


Health Education

Health Action League incorporates health education into our curriculum. While teaching the classes, our instructors will provide information to the students on proper nutrition and exercise. We give our students practical advice on how they can improve their eating habits and get more daily exercise. The goal is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to care for their health.